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Project Goal

Our goal was to breathe new life into an established Indonesian luxury villa development company, rejuvenating its identity and positioning it as the epitome of luxury and sophistication. We aimed to create a brand that would resonate with discerning clientele, evoke a sense of exclusivity, and convey a seamless blend of opulence and modernity.


Valah Group




Visual Identity 


To accomplish our goal and position the company as a trendsetter in the luxury villa market, we crafted a comprehensive solution that encompassed both visual and experiential elements.


We embraced a sleek and minimalist design approach, utilizing clean lines, bold typography, and a carefully curated color palette inspired by the natural beauty of Indonesia. The logo, now a fusion of elegance and simplicity, became the focal point, capturing the essence of the brand in a single, iconic symbol.

Brand positioning

In a rapidly evolving world, we set out to position The Charterhouse pub as a haven where tradition and modernity converge. We wanted to create a unique identity that celebrated the pub’s heritage while appealing to a broader audience seeking a vibrant and memorable dining and socializing experience.

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Colour Pallete

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The result of our efforts is a revitalized luxury villa development company that effortlessly embodies modern luxury. Through a refreshed visual identity, stunning visual assets, intuitive website design, and engaging brand storytelling, we have successfully positioned our client as a beacon of contemporary opulence in the Indonesian luxury real estate market.

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